Spontaneity is the essence of life. Random delineates causation from curation.


This is a new space for the random acts of information and random things found within life, the internet, and personal meanderings of YORKELED, ///MR YORK\\\, and Mike York. All aliases are commonly interchangeable, primarily in the digital format. In person communication, Mike is applicable.


Our protagonist (at least I would like to think of me as a protagonist), got his start in literature and theatre arts early in life. In this ongoing pursuit, he obtained several collegiate degrees in technical theatre, performance theatre, and creative writing. None of which were used in his professional setting, until he decided enough time had passed and he needed to put his education and passions to good use.


Making the complete change from the fast paced west coast, morphing to a “Midwest Dad,” it has been a much needed and perfected pace for our protagonist and his adoring family. Wife (Amanda), Son (Owen, 5), and Daughter (Aurora, 7), are living their best lives as first-time homeowners in their fixer-upper-forever-home, nestled in the suburbs of Chicago.