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The face of the blog
My daughter stares on in disapproval

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UPDATE 11.23.23

I truly don’t know how this year has flown by. I have dedicated close to 0 effort in updating this blog, the social channels, or simply keeping a regular cadence of content. So much for the idiom I tagged the site with daily(ish) dose of random. Maybe (yet again), I am in the mindset of needing to get motivated. The Achilles heel of any content developer. Regardless of medium. I think in a lot of respects, I have surrounded myself with people who talk a large game, and never really back it up with action. I am looking to shed my daily life of these people. Let it be known, Nobody New, is in the making of a pragmatic change. Systemically altering the perception of talk, driving the path forward with more action. Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving. ^_^

UPDATE 2.16.23

New year, new blog-ish. The Nobody New blog has been officially re-signed for a new year of content. This means we are going to continue to push new-ish, daily-ish content for your enjoyment. There have been some minor updates to the interface and content being presented. Please take note of a new ads system through Google Adsense. Yes, I am going to try and recover costs for dev’ing and hosting the site. If you find something that piques your interest, please consider clicking to learn more about that product or offering!

Also to note, I have been dabbling with AI (You got anymore of them backlinks? 😂 ). I know, I know, who hasn’t? I don’t want all of my content to derive from AI, but I am testing the technology and all the bells and whistles.

Thank you again for coming to NobodyNew! I will do my best to continue to update content for your (and my) enjoyment!


– Spotlight –

Please read on about the amazing Chef Michael!

Chef leaning on books
Chef Michael Silverstein
Photo Credit: Chef Michael

Fun Fact to appease the Gods of Google to demonstrate value to my readers:
A group of Zebras can be referred to as a Dazzle.

group of zebras, a dazzle
Dazzle of Zebras


I am passionate about writing (what are you passionate about?), and albeit the theme is “random,” the majority of this will be experiences, interests, creative writing starts, and maybe a dash of graphical design. I would like to believe people will be able to takeaway something from here and if it happens to start a dialogue, I feel we have a winning scenario.

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I eventually want to publish another book. Don’t worry, you don’t want to read my earlier works, trust me. I’ve looked over all the results on blog-posts, how to start a blog, what is blog, all the way down to what is a blog post? Not to mention the countless starts I have had over the decades, however, I haven’t looked into starting a fashion blog. Perish the thought…I think now I am finally in the best position possible to answer the age old question, how indeed. howto start a blog how tostart a blog. It takes a leap of faith. Sure, maybe no one will read my blog posts, but I have conceptualized what a blog is, and I…


figure leaping from cliff to cliff
Leap of Faith

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