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The face of the blog
My daughter stares on in disapproval

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Please read on about the amazing Chef Michael!

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Chef Michael Silverstein
Photo Credit: Chef Michael

Updated 4.6.22

Fun Fact to appease the Gods of Google to demonstrate value to my readers:
A group of Zebras can be referred to as a Dazzle.

group of zebras, a dazzle
Dazzle of Zebras


Updated 4.1.22

Since I have taken this blog somewhat “professional” status within the past week, the support has been invigorating. I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has encouraged and followed this new endeavor of mine. Please enjoy your time here!

Initial Intro – 3.22.22

After a year in the making (technically decades), I need to allow this project to take shape.

I am passionate about writing (what are you passionate about?), and albeit the theme is “random,” the majority of this will be experiences, interests, creative writing starts, and maybe a dash of graphical design. I would like to believe people will be able to takeaway something from here and if it happens to start a dialogue, I feel we have a winning scenario.

I eventually want to publish another book. Don’t worry, you don’t want to read my earlier works, trust me. I’ve looked over all the results on blog-posts, how to start a blog, what is blog, all the way down to what is a blog post? Not to mention the countless starts I have had over the decades, however, I haven’t looked into starting a fashion blog. Perish the thought…I think now I am finally in the best position possible to answer the age old question, how indeed. howto start a blog how tostart a blog. It takes a leap of faith. Sure, maybe no one will read my blog posts, but I have conceptualized what a blog is, and I…


figure leaping from cliff to cliff
Leap of Faith

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