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The Machine’s Grip: How Technology Consumed Us Whole

Machine Dog

Machine Dog


The machines are here, they’re taking over
We thought we’d control them, but it’s over
Our phones are glued to our hands
We’re addicted to their demands

The screens glow bright, the world fades away
We’re hypnotized, we’re led astray
Our bodies are here, but our minds are gone
Lost in the digital world we’re drawn

We thought we’d be free, we thought we’d be kings
But the machines have clipped our wings
We’ve traded connection for convenience
We’ve lost touch with reality, our own grievance

We swipe and scroll, we like and share
We’ve given up our souls, we don’t care
Our lives are curated, our identities sold
We’re living in a matrix, or so we’re told

The future is here, the robots are coming
Our fate is uncertain, it’s all numbing
We’ve created a monster, we’ve lost control
Technology’s taken over, it’s swallowed us whole.

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