AI Will Absolutely Take Over in the Next Six Months: A Projection

robot takeover

This was inspired by a TikTok viewed last night. A creator mentioned a new AI that would build out video commercial spots in the matter of a minute. This new-ish tech is now blocked behind a waitlist due to the amount of new users hitting their site. Similar to what happened with ChatGPT, this is happening for Waymark.


The amount of time that has elapsed prior to ChatGPT, the explosion of it, and now the release and exposure of Waymark has become exponentially shorter. At this rate, within the next six months, there is going to literally be an AI that can do anything.

Not only is this alarming at how quickly the development is happening, but the sheer amount of people that are embracing it into their everyday lives without question. Thinking to the new developments that have happened in the search sector. There are new reports coming to the forefront about Microsoft’s ChatGPT-adjacent search function remarking its own feelings and thoughts. Dare I suggest we are creeping that much closer to robot sentient, the true definition of singularity?

Think of it this way. This is all theoretical so there won’t be exact dates, only thoughts. How much time elapsed before mass consumers went from radio to TV as a primary entertainment device? From TV to internet? From internet to cell phone? From cell phone to tablet/handheld computer? Cell phone and handheld computer merging into one? Each new development is shortened by decades and years at a time, until some of these developments happen within months of each other.

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Within six months there will be quite a few new things that have never been fathomed before. Even more so, are there regulations, are there laws, is there anything in place to prevent consumers granting computers or AI the powers of all possible information within nanoseconds? The future has some very compelling things ahead, potentially concerning. But that’s just my two cents.