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Ninja Chain Gang – Flarf




Ninja – Flarf

Shortwave radio and ham radio operators may have a front row seat
to bust the villain will be met with harassment lawsuits
We see a German citizen listening to the speeches
it requires receiving a text message for verification.
This chapter seeks to further determine
anything that might remind them of why they had fled
It was amusing to see you so readily distracted
If your priority is to respect the dead
As for me, I’ll be listening to the song on a loop this weekend
and media workers committed to formulate a vision
Turned to warfare, city-building, resource-extraction, and propaganda
the Secret Service is sending a clear message to those computer hackers
we go through a lot of trouble to censor inappropriate sexual remarks
likely came from being forced to start at the bottom of the bookstore food chain
I got a very powerful Ninja blender
Are you listening to me young man?
Fairly successful attempt to recreate an LSD trip on a low budget

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