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Plants Vs. Zombies – Reminiscing

game title plants vs zombies

I found the original Plants Vs. Zombies from Xbox 360 on Game Pass this weekend, and now my kids are hooked.

Finding this title brought back so many fond memories playing this game from my past. Given my kids are younger than I was when I first started playing, they are still learning some of the game mechanics, but having a blast regardless.

It reminds me when I first fell in love with single screen strategy games like Worms Armageddon. I then started seeing how the Plants Vs. Zombies franchise took off to other titles, abandoning the single screen strategy focus and shifted to first person shooter (FPS). It’s not a bad move, I wasn’t prepared for the shift. They are very fun to play, but I miss the original format. I didn’t play a lot of the newer titles to give a proper review, and I most likely need to play through them more to give better assessment. Not to mention, as always, I am late to this party as most titles are half a decade old now.

The basic mechanics of the original Plants Vs. Zombies is comprised of you as the player placing various plants to defend your homes against incoming hordes of zombies. Powered by sunlight, which can be increased by planting sunflowers, offers you the ability to plant various plant life to defend and attack zombies as they approach. Also known as “tower defense.” Very addictive!

I know that the OG Plants Vs. Zombies holds a lot of nostalgia for me and when I found it in the Game Pass store, it was an immediate download. Now I have an excuse to play more since my kids are enjoying it too!

As of writing this and looking for linkable content, I have found there is a mobile version of the OG title in the Google Play Store! This weekend/day just keeps getting better and better!

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