Internal Links – SEO


Linking internally (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) shows to help Google crawlers find site content, index, and categorically understand all website content within the same domain.

This was something that I found interesting and is SEO 101, but in Google Search Console when you inspect specific url’s, it shows a section called “referring page.” This is where you can use the tactic of internal linking (best to use a page that is already indexed within your own domain). This is not a fix all. There is a good chance that if the Google crawler does determine a referring page, it may not have the credibility and authority to push your unindexed pages into the indexed stage. This is what I have discovered as the Google lottery or gamble. Some tactics work some of the days, most tactics work none of the days.

Now this is the test. Thinking about content published within the past few months. From Twenty One Pilots, to Olivia Rodrigo, we have experienced some major changes in social media with Twitter and Facebook, AND CHEF MICHAEL! The movie Nobody that I want to watch and review. Plant based chocolate, taking care of your body, all these fun subjects to explore. Not to mention the classics of Pac-Man and finding out you can put aluminum foil in your clothes dryer, but not usually in your microwave.

Hope everyone has been having as much fun with this blog as I have. Everyday learning new things and finding new random things to present.

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