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Co-Creator of Mr. Show, funny man, Bob Odenkirk (more recently known for his roles in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul [Final season airing now!]), throws his hat in the ring in an action film.

Fair warning, the trailer is “Red Band,” meaning the trailer itself is rated R.

I know, yet again, I am late to the party as this film was released LAST YEAR. But, better late than never, and with a blog titled “Nobody New” it makes sense to cover something with “Nobody” in the title. Plus this might help me with better Google rankings as I am getting smashed in search results because of this movie.

This is simply a teaser, I fully intend to watch the movie and give a full review. But I wanted everyone to see the trailer before my review comes out.

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  1. The movie is a fun bit of superspy action. It is set in one of those universes where murder is only against the law when criminals do it. Also, mortal wounds only matter if you are not the main character. Bob Odenkirk’s character should have died a hundred times over. But I think that is what makes this movie fun.

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