Plastic Dynasty Farmed Fresh – Flarf


Inspired by The Richard Braxton


If you have no clue what Flarf is, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Explanation can be found here. It’s been about a decade since I Flarfed, so we will see how this goes. Enjoy the linguistic corrosion!


In order to harvest fresh pods

sustainable resources and a provider of plastic waste

Blood and Bacon

Mad cow disease strikes again

Locally owned and dominated

Fresh color with some special details design makes your sexy

her children grew to accept her as a part of the family

with everyday essentials

we marvel at the future

In fact, if we listen to the chemical industry

get seeds and fertilizer

Semi-cultivated insects, and gourmet food

can be used for all purposes

kept from starving in the winter

when they are least effected

 The Cow’s rustic ambience

My knife is a utility knife first

Well, this is bananas

fresh examination of meteorites, craft cocktails, a Japanese team of archaeologists, this Idaho company, there was a war

The fully ripened, freshly harvested

White House Christmas Tree from North Carolina.

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  1. I just got one of my flarf poems posted on Spillwords.com. I wrote something as stupid as possible, and they took it. They haven’t tried to scam me out of money, but they seem none too choosey about what they publish.

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