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Putting aside your opinions of Elon Musk, and some of his wild behaviors on social media, he seemingly has a plan for good. Not chaotic evil as some would suspect.

This comes from news brought to the world yesterday, Elon had placed an order to purchase roughly 9.2% total stake in Twitter (approximately $3.5B after market close Monday). Personally, that kind of money is alarmingly gross for one person to have. Understandably not all of this is liquid, assuming a large portion of it is tied into investments.

There are speculations of Elon’s “Master Plan,” and this has been ongoing since early 2006. More recent iterations and speculations deriving from Max Chafkin at Bloomberg. His speculation plays with the concept of Elon making this bullish buy “just for the lulz,” but goes on to refute this jest. Historically Elon’s approach to gags are never just playful in nature, but have an objective behind them. Most often than not, it is like “vaguebooking,” where the audience is no further wiser about the objective. I’m not sure if there is a similar term for the Twitterverse. Vaguetweets? Vaguetweeting? Obfuscweet?

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After recent events surrounding Elon’s approach to Twitter, Max speaks about Elon’s requirement to hire a lawyer or “Twitter-sitter” to ensure Elon is not overstepping in regards to his businesses to the masses. This would have been ideal for others in the past. Elon has been in hot water in the past, but nothing to the extent of other users whom have had their entire profiles suspended or deleted. As the largest shareholder, I wonder if he is going to need to restrain his thoughts anymore.

As Elon has been very public about his feelings with regard to Twitter and their content regulations, handlings, and restriction of free speech, it can be speculated this purchase of nearly 10% of the total company ensures his foothold in the company’s future. He has made statements in the past (previous master plans) about helping the world with renewable energy, reversing climate change, and working to do good for all. This sounds like a pretty lofty goal for any one human. I would like to assume he is true to his word, and he is doing what he can to make things better. How does this relate to Twitter? I think if he is the largest shareholder, he would be granted certain advantages about steering the company in the right direction. It could also be a way for him to look under the hood of Twitter and build his own social media empire?

Another speculation Max made in his Bloomberg article is this is Elon’s way to secure his Twitter profile for life. Being the largest shareholder, it would seem his account has ranked the status of “untouchable.” It seems his Dogecoin banter has taken a backseat with this new endeavor, but (again, further speculation), similar to Reddit’s in app currency, what if Twitter started using Dogecoin as it’s primary in app currency? Bridging the gap between social and crypto. This could be the layman’s platform to learn and understand what crypto is, how the blockchain works, and why a decentralized currency is important for the world.

I refuse to believe Elon is a terrible person based on his public appearances and statements about who he is and what he wants to do to better the world. Then again, I have yet to see anything to sway the opinion one way or the other. It seems he does have a good heart with good intentions. Starlink providing internet to those in need in other countries in time of crisis was huge. Let’s stay the course, and make the world better. I like the sound of that.

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