Netflix: The Colony – Review

the colony
Photo credit: Netflix

Set in the distant future (year unknown, or it was disclosed and I missed it, more on that later), Earth has been brought to near extinction. The remaining population of inhabitants that had fled Earth are now burdened with returning in hopes of procreation. Their home planet of Kepler has riddled the women incapable of carrying full term.

More and more it seems as though concepts and ideas are being forced together in the name of entertainment. With that said, this film was enjoyable, when it wasn’t focusing on long, drawn out shots laying waste to inciting dramatic action. The performances from all roles was well executed and was able to suspend disbelief, pulling me into their worlds. I kept getting a Waterworld vibe, to the point when I finished watching and began writing this review, I looked up both films cast/crews on IMDB to see if there was any crossover.

The film was well thought out (even if thematically we have seen variations of this time and time again), visuals and sound were on point, but I feel it was too heavily relied upon. There were many elements, primarily in the story that were glazed over and as a viewer I found myself asking questions when the credits rolled (referencing back to the synopsis with year unknown). There were plenty of times the film could have used jump scares as the visual and sound elements built it up almost expecting them, and I give them credit for not invoking that trope. Conversely there was so much the film took for granted but didn’t earn. All the way to the last scene, they rush to get a last gotcha moment in. It felt as if the creators needed something to elevate the climax, but it wasn’t earned, and fell flat.

Overall the film was an easy watch, entertaining, but could have used plenty more substance. I would recommend this film as a fun sci-fi flick to pass the time. There is nothing new with the story. However, the performances, when able to play, have solid chemistry. Visuals and sound, very encapsulating. I just wish there was more substance.


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