Google Ads

There has been some real problems with Google ads recently. Every few days or so, the ads get disapproved from the landing page (destination) not working. Their words, not mine. I have gone round and round, attempting to alter the landing page, making sure the updated page has been crawled and indexed by Google, yet I am still faced with a disapproval. The quick fix I have found is merely duplicate the existing disapproved ad, and pause the original. So far it has done the trick. I have yet to have a duplicate be flagged as disapproved.

My concern is that the tracking template that is in place (before I started) is causing some breakage in the final landing page url. This has been something I haven’t been able to adjust because I have been told it is linked to other form fields in other platforms. Adjusting or scraping the Value Track parameters may break the systems in place.

The best thing I can do, is continue to research and understand what has been put in place and why. Then I will be more versed in how to alter the systems for the better.


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